Some of my favourite places to check out on the Internet!

Canadian History Blogs

Active History –  Connecting Academics and the Public

Everyday History – Canadian History meets Canadian Politics

Voxhistorica – The Canadian Historical Association’s Tumblr

Canadian’s Consumer Histories – Consumption in Canada

Hook and Eye – Female Professors at Canadian Universities

Multiculturalism in Canada – My husband’s blog

Non-Canadian History Blogs

Nursing Clio – History of Gender and Medicine

Historiann – History of Sexuality

Tenured Radical – Academic Life

The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice – Medicine in Early Modern England

Early Modern Medicine – Like the name says 😉

Past Imperfect – The Smithsonian Museum’s History Blog

History and Archaeology from the Smithsonian Magazine

Word Wenches – A blog about romance novels, but with lots of history!

Collector’s Weekly – History of all things antique and vintage

Edwardian Promenade – Britain and the United States in the age of Victoria and Edward

Jane Austen’s World – Need I say more?

Feminist Resources

Youtube Channels

Sex Plus – Laci Green talks about Sex Positivity

Feminist Frequency – A look at portrayals of women in popular media

Stuff Mom Never Told You – Women, Science, and Pop Culture

The Brain Scoop – All things museum, nature, and taxidermy related

Order of the Good Death – a mortician’s take on death, dying, and mortality


Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff You Missed in History Class

This American Life

Radio Lab

One thought on “Links

  1. I have been enjoying connecting on twitter. I would love to find a time to talk offline. I am a Jewish Canadian with a PhD in Jewish women’s history now working on race in the Jewish community. I work at

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